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Dawn Chorus at Dundridge Park
Saturday 18th April 2015

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Thank you to Friends of Dundridge Park for booking Ed Drewitt to lead a fascinating walk. 24 of us walked around Dundridge Park including part of the recently repaired deer path.

First calls we heard were blackbirds and wrens, then robins. Wood pigeons created a background of hooting sounds. Great tits starting making their bicycle pump call and later we heard sounds like stones cracking together, the alarm call of the black cap. There was a brief call from a goldfinch.

We heard the special "tsk, tsk" call of the female blue tit which is her call to tell the male to feed her. A heron and cormorant flew overhead as we crossed the football pitches. A really special treat was to hear a tree creeper.

As we neard the end of our walk we found Gary, the local postie, with his peregrine, waiting to meet Ed for a signnature in his copy of Ed's book "Urban Peregrines".

Many thanks to Paul of Nicholas Wanderers JFC for opening up the pavillion to serve us very warming coffees and teas.

Listen to Ed talking about the birds of Troopers Hill as part of our Audio Trail.

Listen to the 2008 dawn chorus recorded on Troopers Hill >>


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