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Exploring St George
Sunday 6th September 2015

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As part of Bristol's year as European Green Capital Friends of Troopers Hill led a walk to explore some of the less well known green spaces in St George. We were lucky enough to get a wonderfully sunny late summer day.

The route was planned using the knowledge of the paths and backways in St George that has been built up by the walk leaders for St George Strollers.

We visited Hudds Vale, Plummers Hill, Meadow Vale, Rodney Road, Primrose Lane & Colebrook Road Open Spaces.

Plummers Hill, Meadow Vale & Primrose Lane have urban meadsows funded by St George Neighbourhood Partnership. With us was wildlife expert Rupert Higgins who was able to explain the importance of the trees and plants in these spaces for wildlife, we also discussed ways that the management of the spaces could be improved for wildlife in the future.

Short report by Rupert Higgins on the wildlife potential for these spaces >>

Supported by the St George Neighbourhood Partnership Bristol Green Capital Fund

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