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Bugs & Beasties and other things...
Saturday 8th August 2015

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On the Saturday of the Balloon Fiesta we held what has become an annual hunt to find some of the Hill's smallest inhabitants.

Rupert Higgins & Dawn were again on hand to indentify your finds and explain why they find Troopers Hill such a great place to live.

As an extra bonus this year Bristol Astronomical Society joined us to do some solar observations.

We were also joined by the one day : Day One resilience dome which is visiting various sites arounnd Bristol during Green Capital Year.

Afterwards we were treated to the wonderful sight of the balloons flying past from the Balloon Fiesta at Ashton Court. With near perfect weather and stories of traffic jams on the approach to Ashton Court this was the largest crowd of people we have ever seen on Troopers Hill.

During the afternoon Isabelle chose to capture creatures (mostly butterflies) with her camera rather than a net and container and got some great shots of them amongst the Hill's heather & grassland. She also got some excellent shots of the balloons.

Isabelle's photos of bugs & beasties on the Hill on Flickr >> | Isabelle's photos of balloons from the Hill on Flickr >>

You can see a drone in one of our photographs, some of the film it shot can be seen via the link below:

See video filmed on the day from a drone >>

Supported by the St George Neighbourhood Partnership Bristol Green Capital Fund

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