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Troopers Hill Dawn Chorus Walk
Saturday 23rd April 2016

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A wonderful morning with the full moon still shining brightly as over 20 of us joined Bristol's local bird expert & broadcaster Ed Drewitt for a 5am start. The blackbirds were soon in full song with the chorus raching its peak as we moved on to the hill.

As we moved round the hill and then into the woods we were able to pick out wrens, great tits, a couple of blackcaps and some chiffchaffs - two of which gave us a wonderful mating display in a tree above Troopers Hill Road.

As well as gulls and crows we saw two majestic herons flying over from the heronry at Eastwood Farm. On the ground we also caught sight of two foxes enjoying the early morning sunshine. At the end of the walk we moved back on to the hill to admire the view over Bristol.

Many thanks to the Fountain Caf for providing breakfast at the end of the walk.

Listen to Ed talking about the birds of Troopers Hill as part of our Audio Trail.

Listen to the 2008 dawn chorus recorded on Troopers Hill >>


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