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Star Storytelling & Gazing
Saturday 7th September 2019

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As the Sun set over Troopers Hill on a perfect evening, we enjoyed an evening of storytelling and star gazing.

We listened to tales of how the stars came to be and of those who follow the Stars to Freedom while watching the stars as they appeared across the autumn sky.

We were pleased to welcome storyteller Cassandra Wye comes back to Troopers Hill, this time accompanied by astrophysicist Megan Argo as part of their We Share the Same Moon project.

The storytelling with Cassandra started at 7.45pm and then by 8.45pm Megan was able to tell us about the waxing moon visible past the chimney and give us a guided tour of the planets and stars that we could see above us.

Dark Sky Discovery Site Troopers Hill has been designated as a Dark Sky Discovery Site. It is a good spot for star gazing, above the city lights.



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