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Slider Celebration
Sunday 24th October 2021

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To celebrate the installation of the new slider on Troopers Hill Field, we held an official 'unveiling'.

We also took the opportunity to display the entries from our 2020 Art Competition. Chalks were also available for visitors to create their own art.

We were very pleased that Jo Webster-Green of Little Treasures Toy Shop was able to perform the ceremony by upwrapping a red ribbon from the slide and also unveiling a plaque on the adjacent fence.

We were delighted to see some of our artists, including our overall winner Tin Stanton.

The weather wasn't ideal, with a rainbow as we arrived at the Field heralding the arrival of some intermittent light rain that stayed with us all day - the sun only came out again late afternoon as we were packing up.

We were also pleased that our MP, Kerry McCarthy, was able to drop by to see the slide, the support of Kerry along with that of our local Councillors was an important part of making the replacement of the slide and all the other projects we have done over the years possible.

The biggest thank you, though, must go to Jo Webster-Green and everyone else who supported our crowdfunder and to Ibstock Enovert Trust for the grant that provided the balance of the funding.

The event also marked the launch of our new campaign to raise additional funds for Nature Conservation work on the Hill.

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