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Troopers Hill & Crews Hole History Walk
Sunday 22nd May 2022

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On a glorious Spring afternoon 20 walkers joined Rob Acton-Campbell of Friends of Troopers Hill on a walk around Troopers Hill and Crews Hole, talking about the history of the area.

We walked down through the Woods to the river, joining near the site of the Lamb Inn. We then headed towards Netham, with Rob talking about the Hit or Miss and then the Leadworks both of which have now disappeared.

Having walked across New Brislington Bridge and looked at photos showing the extent of the Netham Chemical Works, another of many works that used to pollute the area, we walked back up the river stopping to talk about the Wesleyan Chapel (& Archibald Vickers who laid the foundation stone in 1860) and then Butlers Tar Works.

From Conham we made our way up the Deer Path to Dundridge Park before crossing to Troopers Hill where we talked about the copper and brass industries and their links to the slave trade.

An unexpected highlight of this part of the walk was the sighting of a deer in one of the gardens near the site of the White House.

This walk was part of Bristol Walk Fest 2022




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