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Natural Learners
Troopers Hill

Inspiring educational experiences

Thanks to funding from The Nineveh Charitable Trust; Natural Learners ran a hugely popular series of Wild Play toddler groups and Free drop-in events for families during the Summer & Autumn of 2018.

 Natural Learners project report 2018

The Natural Learners project began in 2017 to encourage local residents to develop a connection with the natural world by providing inspiring educational experiences on Troopers Hill.

The project is run by environmental educators Mali Kedward and Amy Stone

Working with Friends of Troopers Hill, Mali and Amy secured funding from The Nineveh Charitable Trust to enable the continuation of the project in 2018.

In 2019 Natural Learners led 4 sessions for adults with learning disabilities as part of the Ways to Nature project. They also supported the Ways to Nature Celebration event.

In 2017 Mali & Amy trialled a series of sessions for families and school children, including:

• 10 ‘Wild Play’ sessions (morning sessions for pre-schoolers, 0-4 years old, and their parents/carers)

• 8 ‘Outdoor Explorer’ sessions (after-school sessions for children aged 4-8, and their parents/carers)

• 1 School session (with 30 Year 5 pupils visiting Troopers Hill from Summerhill Academy)
The family sessions proved popular, attracting 291 attendances in total (including children, parents and grandparents).

Fifty-one children aged 0-7 participated in the family sessions.

Feedback from participants was very encouraging:

• ‘All children were able to retain new information learnt. The activities suited a variety of learners, using visual, kinesthetic and auditory approaches.’ (Year 5 Teacher from Summerhill Academy)

• ‘We really enjoyed the group and it was the only activity we did regularly.’ (parent - Wild Play)

• ‘A great relaxed group with lots to entertain and excite children. Good opportunity to involve risk in safe controlled setting with fab helpers.’ (parent - Wild Play)

• ‘It is a lovely group. We often come to Troopers Hill but rarely for so long.’ (parent - Outdoor Explorers)

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