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Troopers Hill Field
Pathfinder Play Project 2009

CELEBRATE - Your New Play Area was officially opened on 5th December 2009

There are photos of the opening and our part in a world record tree planting event here.

Revised Design click to enlargePlay Area Construction Works

Work started on new play facilities on Troopers Hill Field on 5 October 2009 and is now complete.

This work was funded with 10,000 from the Play Pathfinder Scheme aimed at children aged 8 - 13 years.
The work was carried out by Bristol Parks own landscape team. The design was produced by Bristol Parks' Pathfinder team following a series of consultation events during the summer which were organised with the help of Friends of Troopers Hill. The summaries of the feedback from the consultation can be seen here:
Adults' Feedback - Children's Feedback

Bristol Parks' initial proposals, which were based on the feedback, were on display at our Music on the Hill event in June. Separate sessions were also organised with residents, local schools and youth groups to get their views.

Most of the reactions to the June proposals were very positive - particularly from the children. However, some people had concerns about the location of some of the elements. These concerns were taken into account and a revised design produced in July which received very positive feedback.

Included in the design was the 'Friends Group Bench', this was one of the benches funded by YANSEC as part of the project that included work to improve the Greendown entrance to the Hill. You can read more about the project here
The Pathfinder project is aimed at children aged 8 - 13 years; we are still keen to see more facilities for very young children, please contact us if you are interested in helping make this happen.

 Final Design
(covers the area shown in blue rectangle on the right)

Area covered by design drawings
There is one bit of sad news - one of the poplars was found to have a deep, narrow hollow in it that was weakening it sufficiently for it to be a risk. This tree has now been felled. Its remains have been used in the play area.

Progress Photographs - 9 October 2009



23 October 2009


29 October 2009


07 November 2009


The design still contains the features suggested in June, so you may also want to look at the sketches produced for that design via the links below.
If you have any comments about the works please contact Friends of Troopers Hill or post a message on our Forum - we will pass the information on. You can also contact the Pathfinder team directly on 0117 353 2282.

June 2009 Proposals

 Overall Plan - covers area shown in blue rectangle above (200KB)

 Plan with photos of similar features in other parks (2MB)

 Sketch Plan with two options (1.2MB)

 Images & Ideas - 1 (4MB)

 Images & Ideas - 2 (5MB)

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